"There’s a reason why the public tends to revel in hacked or stolen nude pictures. It’s because they were taken without consent. Because the women in them (and it’s almost always women who are humiliated this way) did not want those shots to be shared.

If Jennifer Lawrence was to pose naked on the cover of Playboy, for example, I’m sure it would be a best-selling issue. But it wouldn’t have the same scandalous, viral appeal as private images stolen from her phone. Because if she shared nude images consensually, then people wouldn’t get to revel in her humiliation. And that’s really the point, isn’t it? To take a female celebrity down a notch? (We have a term for when this is done to non-celebrity women: “revenge porn.”)"

Source: The Atlantic

"What I can tell you (as someone who used to be constantly confused by matters of reciprocity and mismatched intensity in my relationships and who isn’t so much now) is that it’s all trial and error. You don’t automatically know how someone will feel about you, or how you will feel about them. You try to connect, you see how they react, you pay attention to how you react when they try to connect, you ask questions when you don’t understand something, you try to keep a generous and open heart, you guard your own heart from mistreatment and fuckery, you make mistakes and recover from them, and over time, and little by little, you teach yourself to be okay with whatever happens. You let go of the people who don’t belong in your life and you forgive yourself for faux pas and missed connections. You let go of the idea that perfect congruence between how you feel about other people and how they feel about you is possible, or even desirable. You trust that the people you want in your life are the people who will make this as easy as possible for you and the people who will try to help you feel good and find your way.You learn to trust yourself more. It is a process, and it’s a repeatable one, but it’s not an experiment where you will ever be able to predict or replicate results. Every new person you meet will be a universe unto themselves, and the process of getting to know them will be its own journey."

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"We shouldn’t shoehorn token women into creator’s artistic visions" is one of the most common criticisms I see when diversity in the media is brought up and there are three big reasons why it’s ridiculous:

1) Human beings are all different in real life so making fictional characters more diverse…

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  • Question: So, if boobs aren't sex organs like all you feminists claim, then what's wrong with commenting on them? If you have purple hair, I'm going to mention it! If you have giant boobs, I'm going to mention it! If they're not sexual, then what's your problem? - Anonymous
  • Answer:





    Translation: I don’t understand the difference between sex organs and secondary sex characteristics, nor do I understand how society has coded certain secondary sex characteristics to be sexual while others are left “neutral.” I also don’t understand how I am drawing a false equivalency between hair and breasts, as only one has been sexualized within Western cultures, and I’m really desperate to justify my own obsession with sexually harassing women.

    Now they are secondary sex characteristics? Are we just going to keep on making up words until men aren’t allowed to look at women?

    Feminists didn’t make up the term “secondary sex characteristics” to shame men for looking at women. It’s a scientific term for features that appear when a person or any other animal has reached sexual maturity. Here’s the wikipedia article since you were unable to look it up yourself. 

    People are of course allowed to appreciate others’ bodies. What is not acceptable is sending objectifying messages to a total stranger about the way their body looks. 

    Why is this so fucking difficult?

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Not hurting our economy:

  • Welfare
  • Food Stamps
  • Environmental regulation
  • Socialized medical care
  • Immigrants, legal or otherwise

Hurting our economy:

  • The world’s most bloated and excessive military budget
  • The world’s most overcrowded prisons
  • Corporate bailouts
  • Politicians with the power…
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Genus Gigantocypris

…is a genus of large ostracods found in deep waters world wide. Members of Gigantocypris are usually found in depths of 3-4,000 ft, at this depth their orange coloration makes them functionally invisible. They also have a pair of large eyes which use parabolic mirrors to focus light instead of a lens. It is though that they use these eyes to find bioluminsecense in the depths, as they feed on copepods and small fish which tend to bioluminescence. 



Images: Martin Angel and Jose Havier

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Source: astronomy-to-zoology

"Believing we are loved is hard; it can seem seductively easy to accept, on an almost unconscious level, the idea that our partners perpetually have one foot out the door, that we must force, cajole, bribe, or police them into staying with us. And, should a partner choose to leave, we can tend to double down…it happened because we didn’t force, cajole, bribe, or police them enough. If only we’d enforced the rules more strictly, they would have stayed.

I would like to propose the radical idea that believing we are loved and cherished is the assumption that underlies nearly all successful relationships. I would also like to challenge everyone who reads these words to put this idea to the test. I am, after all, an empiricist. Let’s build relationships predicated on the notion that we don’t have to make our partners stay with us; we merely need to accept that we are cherished, and cherish those around us in return, and our partners will want to stay with us.

Who’s with me?"

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Yellow-bellied Bee Assassin (Apiomerus flaviventris)

…a species of Harpactorine assassin bug which is occurs in Arizona and California and Mexico. True to their common names adult A. flaviventris are predatory on bees, using their sharp rostrums to infect digestive enzymes into their prey. Yellow-bellied bee assassins are known to extract resins from plants and apply them to their eggs as defenses against other insects like ants. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Hemiptera-Heteroptera-Cimicomorpha-Reduviidae-Harpactorinae-Apiomerus-A. flaviventris

Image: ©Anthony Gould

Source: astronomy-to-zoology


Common Leopard Gecko - Eublepharis macularius

Leopard geckoes belong to the species Eublepharis macularius (Eublepharidae), which can be found throughout Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Northwest India and Pakistan.

Leopard geckoes have a segmented tail which may be autotomized, and movable eyelids with a vertical slit pupil unlike many geckoes. They also lack toe pads, having clawed toes instead. Another interesting feature of the leopard gecko is the ear - due to the auditory system structure, when viewed from the side, light shines right through the gecko’s head. Adults grow to approximately 220 mm.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Jonne Seijdel | Locality: unknown (2008)

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